Set origin block doesn’t work properly when object size as a % isn’t 100%

Your username: tankt2016

What kind of device are you using?: iPad 6th gen

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I was coding a project and used the set origin block, but it didn’t work as I expected — I knew where the bottom left corner of the platform was supposed to go, and it didn’t go there even though the x and y coordinates I input were correct.

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Change an object’s size from 100% — any size works.
  2. Set the object’s origin point to a certain coordinate. Play project; object’s bottom left corner is not in the right spot unless the object’s size is exactly 100%.

I expected this to happen: I expected the object’s bottom left corner to be in the spot I set it to be in.

But instead this happened: It wasn’t in the correct spot.

Here’s a sweet screenshot: I didn’t take a screenshot, but here’s a link to a project demonstrating this bug. I made it to make sure it was reproducible and I didn’t just not understand the set origin block (which I don’t believe I’ve used previously):


cool bug

I got it by changing size then restarting the project once

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@tankt2016 that isn’t the bug, you’re setting size after you set origin

but this seems to be a problem:


restart the project to get a different number

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Oh wait you’re right
Darn lol I always forget block order actually matters sometimes

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The happens :disappointed:

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Huh. Weird. My only solution is to set every size to 100, even if it might not be helpful for the project. Luckily, this bug seems hard to come across.

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Oh, so they just got the order of the blocks wrong?

The order of the blocks is not correct.

If you set the origin, then change size, you set origin of shrinked size to Origin of Shrink Size to something different than original size of origin. If you switch the order, then it works.

It changes size, then sets origin depending on the size.

Did they forget a desc for set origin

Yep which made me think I may have been using it wrong at first

yes but this is a problem:

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Hey folks! Is there still an issue we should look into? We added a description for ‘set origin’ (thank you!), but the project links above are leading me to a 404. Please let me know if there’s still a bug to investigate!


There’s no bug, I just messed up the block ordering.

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@TheCMStudios clive then

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