Set Image to custom image results in womp when scene loads, in player 2.0

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your Hopscotch username: TalentedToothpick92
(doing testing on here)

What kind of device are you using?: (Also include iOS version, and Hopscotch version) iPad 10.5 inch, iOS 15.3.1, Hopscotch version 3.49.0

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):
Projects on webplayer 2.0.x have certain scenes womp on loading, if the scene has an object with a Set Image block set to a custom image.

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Make a new project
  2. Add an object and add a Set Image block. Set the image to a custom image.
  3. Play the project

I expected this to happen:
The project will play correctly.

But instead this happened:
The project womps when the scene is loaded.

This also happens on old projects that have Set Image blocks to custom images, if upgraded to latest player version.

When switching scenes, the old scene will reload and then womp when trying to change to the new scene.

Here’s a sweet screenshot:


  • This seems to not be due to the Change Scene block, as brand new scenes can be loaded without womping.

  • And it is specifically that Game scene womping in this project, because that scene also womps or has a spinning circle and project doesn’t load, if the first menu scene is deleted.

  • If the Set Image blocks in the womping scene are deleted, the project no longer womps when that scene is loaded

Help appreciated

If you have projects that have the womp error for scenes, you can link them here so I can do testing on them. (If there are other issues, we can create a new topic for each of them.)

If they’re drafts, and you’d be ok for me to test the project, you can just tell me the title of the draft and I’ll test it. Note that it will not affect your version of the project — we get a copy of the project to test on.


You can test on Copy of The Unstable Greenhouse (draft). My account is Tri-Angle Studios

First issue: doesn’t change to scene 2, womps after second try.
Second issue: One of the 3 hexagons is not in the center of the screen (change scene animation). There’s indeed a set position block, the 2 others are working and on the draft without the latest player, it’s working perfectly.

Please do not test on The Unstable Greenhouse, test it on its copy :)


Thanks so much. So it looks like it’s the Set Image block with a custom image that is resulting in the womp error.

When I remove the Set Image block, the scene stops having the womp error upon loading. I’ll check this and we’ll fix it if this is the case.

(Just going to note as well that when we look at the project from admin, it doesn’t affect the original project on your end — it’s a copy of the project)


Yeah sorry that was my mistake, it hasn’t been released yet (just edited my post)


i can confirm the scene bug and the womp bug are now fixed :) my testing project works well now

off topic, but is it normal the latest player brought bugs to my game?


No this isn’t normal, I’ve noticed some bugs too when upgrading projects and am trying to hunt them down (maybe clones and send to back, and custom rules not behaving as intended)

I’ll make new topics for any issues I find too.


okay, you can do tests in my project too - there is this issue

super happy the scene bug is now solved, tysm all tht team :)


Yep I remember that issue and have made note of it. I’ll make a separate bug report if I find any more info relating to that.

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