Set Image doesn't work on web (first frame of game starts)


  1. Open the linked project in a web browser
  2. Press play.

Expected: Bear is shown bouncing on a trampoline
Actual: The text “yeet” is still bouncing

How to reproduce code like I did in this project

  1. Create a non-empty text object
  2. Set image on first frame of game starts
  3. Wrap that set image in a repeat loop

Here’s how I think it happens:

  1. Setting image on the first frame causes the correct image type to be stored (i.e. Bear)
  2. Text is rendered on second frame, even if the object is no longer text
  3. The canvas is now showing text even though Bear is the stored object type
  4. Since the image type matches the one inside of set image, the block does nothing.

Workaround: wait a short amount before setting image type, or use empty text objects or shapes.


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i can confirm this is happening to me
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