Set image block not working? Ok now it works but idk why it didn’t before



I was coding with clones, and two clones used the set image block, but it wasn’t setting the image. I don’t have the subscription, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be working.

This could be a bug but it’s prob my code because it’s almost always my code.

Here’s a link to the project. The clones are in the settings section.


I´ll take a look later if this isn´t solved as I am on my computer right now.


I am very confused which 2 clones you mean. The settings section looks like a mess with texts going over texts and everything!


I see where 2 clones are created under the ‘Settings’ object, but I don’t see any Set Image blocks under that object’s code.


Under the Abt Info object. Clones with the indexs #3 and #4 won’t set image.

And I know it looks like a mess because the clones aren’t setting image. Or weren’t. It somehow fixed itself.


Wait looking at the title this was resolved right
If not then idk why it did that


Ok now it works

So is it resolved now?


Yeah but it just randomly wouldn’t do it earlier.


Ok, good to know that we can mark this as solved