Set Image Block Bug?


Uh oh haha

Try changing it to a repeat forever loop. I think that magenta blocks have null frames at the end, i think @ThinBuffalo made a project abt it, maybe someone else


That’s unfortunate. Just hang tight, I’m sure it will be fixed soon.


If I had known how it worked earlier, I might have saved previous versions of the webplayer, unfortunately I didn’t.

This might work though. I have tried it once, and it didn’t work for me but I probably did something wrong.


That’s a good idea but would you know where to find the new set text code?


cool, but my ipad is restricted so i cant do that owell


You lied to everybody! Here is the proof:


i think he means you can see it but idk


I didn’t lie to anyone. I was talking about the Set Image block, not custom drawing. It works for setting image to the default objects if you’re a non-subscriber.


Sorry! I Thought you meant everything it could do.