Set Colour block not working


Hi! I got the new update and my jaw dropped :frowning:... why? Well one of the reasons was as the Hopscotch Team had introduced a new block (now my most favourite block) "Set Colour to colour chosen" and I immediately started collaborating with IceSkatingDemigod (an awesome hopscotcher just to say) and we decided to make a drawing pad. On the 3rd or 4th remix of the same project (I don't think that this factor affected the block by the way) the set colour to block didn't work with any colours accept the first one (dark purple). I tried it on previous remixes of the project and it didn't work either.
Pictures of this:

The first one shiws the code. The second one shows what happened when the block didn't work and the third one shows what it looked before the block stop working.
Thank you for your time @Ian, @alish, @asha, @Liza, @t1_hopscotch, @anybody! :cat::yum:


I have ad the some prob! Except only with light grey


Thank you @AHappyCoder for replying! It shows the Hopscotch Team that it is happening to more than just me! Were you using pre-made block from the new update? I was.


I just put the block and colour in and... It no worky!


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Udate: the block seems to be working now! So all is well. Thank you guys for replying to the message and well done @seawolfwerehorse for emailing the Hopscotch Team! I would have done that but I have already emailed them once this week and I felt bad emailing them again. :yum::cat: