Servers are down!


I was on hopscotch at 7:07PM New York Time, when this happened

I checked if the wifi was working, and it was! Is the hopscotch team doing work on the server?


IT won't work for me either!


look at this:


That's happening for me too! It's strange. And @TheAquamarineWolf, it did that on earlier updates as well sometimes.. :confused:


I think the Hopscotch Team must be making changes to the Community or something. I'm experiencing the same thing too, and since I can read this page my internet must be okay as well.

@TheAquamarineWolf yeah those same four tabs appear when there is no Wi-Fi or when the Community is down or glitching sometimes I think.

We'll probably just have to wait a bit until we can use the Community again :smiley:


Minor bug fixes, updating tabs? WE NEED ANSWERS!! :smiley:


Same Thing As Me! I Went Into Hopscotch And The Same Thing Happened! @Liza Please Reply! D:


I had that problem just now...


Same! I need 20 characters so.......


@alish @liza @ian what's going on?


I'm so sad! I tried and it won't work!


Please someone help!
I need to work on a project. (A project from my already published projects.)


The community is back! It seems HT removed some really old projects that appeared in Featured


All right! thanks for all your support


Da servers are online!!!!


My channels still look like this:


@TheAquamarineWolf my channels look like that too. Maybe the Hopscotch Team are doing something with the channels.


Never mind they are back!


My iPad crashed and they came back @t1_hopscotch


My channels returned back to normal as well :smiley: