Server Error :| anyone else getting this?



whenever i go to a new topic or enter one i always get a server error and i have to close the form and restart it... is anyone else dealing with this as well? it says exactly this
Server Error
while trying to load /latest.json?order=default
Error code: 500 Internal Server Error
and other times it say this
Sorry, we couldn't load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.
@Liza? @Ian? @Discourse? @Sam? @Rodrigo?

  • yes
  • no
  • sometimes



It's happening to me it soo annoying


uh... sometimes..


Yes I am too!! funny i was just going back to the latest page right after this happened then I posted this!


i know right


This doesn't happen very often to me, but it does happen some,times


I am getting the error as well. It has been happening occasionally for about a week or two. Now, it seems to have gotten worse.


yep. it happends. like 1/3 chance whenever i open a topic


yes! it's happening to me a lot!


it happens everytime for me its sooo anoyingggggggg


It's happened to me a lot today.



just happened to me again!


I opened this topic and then I got an error :sweat_smile: @Liza, anything you can do about this?



guys is it always that
/latest.json?order=defult thing that pops up?
cuz then THT should do something about that!


Not always. Sometimes I get "error 500: internal error" or something like that...


i get both i get the json one and the sorry we couldnt load the topic one but mostly the json one


That one keeps popping up for me. Into this topic, and I get that...almost every topic I enter now gets that...ahh!


I got almost all three of them! Did you ever have "502 Bad Gateway?" It happened to me for a long time and filled the whole screen!


does it happen when you try to go back to the 'latest' screen?