Seriously heartfelt depressed mess of trash that is worth nothing no dreams will come true hope is lost 😑😑


I'm trying to be a nice person....
And getting targeted isn't helping. I need to stay calm and I am trying to take that into consideration but how can I stay calm when I am (don't quote) being roasted or dissed or having attitude thrown at me?
I'm already SERIOUSLY worried about Leafy being killed by Billy the Fridge, I need to do a bunch of homework and studying each day, and I'm stressed out about literally everything, and I've been really seriously depressed lately.
And I am nervous and scared about the phone call I'll be getting from THT, please don't ask why.
Don't I have anyone that likes what I like on the forum?
Anyone that supports me?
Anyone that I'd call a friend?
Am I someone that you'd call a friend? No, of course not.
I need to be suspended again. And I already knew that and wished that, and it hurts to know that from another person.
Because I'm just a silly little girl with dreams that we all know will never come true.
And hopes and wishes that are already crushed.
And misery and depression filling up 98% of her body.
That just wants everything to end and start over again or to end forever.
Tears are 88% of the liquids that come out of her body.
Hoping that one day everything will be alright when she knows it won't ever happen.
Everywhere she goes, she thinks about why she's still here.
Why she hasn't snapped yet.
Why she has no confidence or self esteem.
Why she hasn't any cuts.
Why she wants to die and quit so badly but is so scared of the thought becoming true.
Why she wants to be suspended but is scared at the same time.
Why she is always targeted as a victim instead of an ally.
(This part was edited out because she didn't like it being there)


Please don't feel his way!
I have no idea what's going on, but please don't feel this way about yourself!
I care about you. I want you to be happy. I'd like to be friends. Maybe I can help you...
Don't listen to the haters, girl! Haters gonna hate, just ignore them! You are amazing, and have good friends who will support you =D


Don't feel dat way! We can be frens! :D


Well, I don't believe that! You should not be suspended. Just because someone is in a bad mood one day, doesn't mean that they have to be punished!


I hate school
I never eat lunch so I "starve" and have no energy all day, I come home and usually don't eat dinner, I come here and try to make friends but I can't because people always say I'm too off topic, I go on and Murphy fights with me on there, and then I realize that I'm useless and there's nothing to do with my life because it basically the mos useless thing ever


Why do you do tags to yourself?
Why do you starve yourself?
Why do you make yourself think that you have no friends?
I am a friend. Right here! I care about you and support you and tell you that haters gonna hate so shake it off!
Seriously though, look at my bio!


I didn't even take it out on other people swjdbhewnwjwnannwbwje though


Can you stop spamming my topic with a song I don't really like please thank you


Everyone knows I'm friendship
And you literally gave me the password for your account and I only made one post that day.
I wasn't talking to you in for weeks. I never said I was "fabulous" because I am a piece of trash who deserved to die a long time ago.
Not too long ago you LITERALLY DMed me saying "HI I REALIZED I HAVEN'T TLAKED TO TOU IN A LOOONG TIME!!" And how can I not be mean to murohy after everything I did for her and her doing nothing for me and her being so mean to me?
This is why I hate my life and I wanna just die. Give me a rope and a nail and I'll hang myself.


@Dude73 @SmileyAlyssa please help


I'm sorry, what do you need? I'll read the topic quick. :)


Dudey, please...
I never know the right thing to say to make someone feel better!




Ok Kay, listen up.

Depression is hard. I know it is. But you have to find that little place deep inside you that you love. That lights you up. Maybe it's Jacob, maybe it's a memory, maybe it's a small thought.

Just let it fill you up, even for just a moment. I know it's hard to deal and end depression, but you can do it. I believe in you, we believe in you.

Everyone here is your friend. You are part of the forum family, where we all support and love each other. You are no exception. You're amazing, you really are. You just have to believe that.


Listen, please.
This is just the Internet. I mean, you don't even know us irl.
If there are problems happening in your life outside of the forum, then I can't help you there. But I advise you to take a break from the forum,, anything that might be making you feel badly about yourself.


Noooo I can't listen to Jacobs new song it's only on iTunes and I'm not allowed to buy anything


So you're saying I should quit school hopscotch hopscotch forum homework family my life?


Maybe you could listen to his other songs, and as soon as you can listen to the new one?


You know that one memory from back when you were four? Maybe running around at the park, or having fun with your friends?
Remember that. Every time you feel depression taking over, just think about that memory and look on the bright side.


But I wanna listen to it now because I already know all the lyrics to the other ones and if he ever come see to my city I won't be able to go because my mom will have to spend $200 just for both of us to go there and my dad doesn't wanna give any money to him