Seriously? Closed?



I am very unhappy with my topic being closed for NO GOOD REASON.

It IS related to Hopscotch but other people says it is only PARTLY related. PLEASE, this is same as saying your cousin is not your family coz he is only PARTLY related to you!

I feel extremely offended and it was UNBELIEVABLE that my topic got closed down.
Chain games like "Two Truths, One Lie","Chinese Whispers!" did not got closed down and technically, they are not Hopscotch related.

It is good to see a just-for-fun topic to be Hopscotch related, so why close mine?
We try to keep topics related to Hopscotch all the time, but it is too harsh for people to make every single topic to be %100 Hopscotch related. I can not make mine %100 but why would people post these comments on MY topic?????!?!!!!!!? All the language schools and clubs may not be related to Hop, but WHY aren't these topics closed?

This is very unfair.
And they said my topic can either be recycled or to be closed down.

I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!:rage:

I already recycled it ONCE and I'm NOT going TWICE!!!!!!!
And my topic really DID got closed down.Oh WOW.

Hopefully, I will get an answer.



< SIGH >


Chain games and language schools are related. They'd be closed if they weren't.


How? Can you show me some?


Let's take "the user below me". They have to be related. An example is "TUBM has been featured".


Chain games and language schools are all related to Hopscotch in some way!

Also, you shouldn't have flagged that post. It was helping you. :wink:

Also, that topic wasn't very hopscotch related. :wink: :wink:


Nobody really closed it, it was because several people flagged posts in the topic. A leader didn't manually close it, it was automatic. I guess the real reason your topic was closed is because people thought many of the posts there were inappropriate, off topic, etc. so they flagged them, resulting in your topic being closed.


< sigh >
I do get harsh when people tells me to do thing I hated to do.
Anyway, thnx for the info.:wink:


Your topic more resembles a forum party, where we get a bit off-topic with memes and such. We can only have these on specific days. And, even if it is Hopscotch related, we have a topic for funny things on Hopscotch already. I'm really sorry, I hope you understand.


@BePositive, I'd be a little bit more happier if you comfort me one little bit.


Alright, I will! :slight_smile: I love making people happy. :smiley:

You are a very kind and beautiful on the inside. You are Cleve, smart, and amazing! You have true talent in coding, and your personality is great!


Sure you are being honest about this?
K sure!
By comforting me, can you plz delete your posts about flame waring?


Alright! And why would I lie? XD
You are really amazing and clever, I know that! :slight_smile:


You're a really sweet person, StarryDream. You don't mean anything bad by it at all, I know that. Just please, don't get mad because of this, okay?


My mum says I have a really good personality

But when people offends me, I gets pretty mad and angry. (I am SO alike to my parents!)
And if they say stuff like what you said to me before, it fires me up to shoot back at them.
(To be honest, I think this is natural. You gets angry when people offends you, right?)


Nobody ever called me "sweet" in my life. Except for my parents, I'm their daring girl.
I'm not supermad, but you know what happens when you say "u r starting a flame war" to an anti-flame war person.

Tip to @BePositive: Try you BEST to NOT offend anyone! You can say things they would likely less offensive to them!:wink:


@BePositive? @CreativeCoder?


To be frank, I wanted you to promise me not to call me a flame war starter ever again.
Not trying to be offensive, but I found that EXTREMELY offensive.:wink:


You liked my post?


We were all just trying to help you! The pictures you posted were really funny, but they weren't related. I don't like having to tell people that it's not related, because I don't like being the one to end the fun. But someone has to do it! Also, there was another topic like it, and we don't want to clog the forums!

You are always really nice here, and I hope you can understand why people flagged and told you to recycle the topic. No hard feelings? (Want to be friends?)

Why did you flag my last response? It was not inappropriate or anything. Mods, did you approve that flag?

Any way, I've said this before, I don't like flame wars, so I'm going to stay out of this. :slight_smile: