Serious topics on hopscotch



I've noticed a lot of serious topics on hopscotch, such as LGBT and religious beliefs. Now, before we get into it, I'm not saying not to talk about it, I think it's ok to have some coding clubs around these things, but, they almost always turn into flame wars. Most of the time it's over things that are not hopscotch related at all, and are topics, that young kids should not be dealing with, such as anti vs for LGBT and religious related fights.Hopscotch is supposed to be a fun place, where you can encourage and help people, not a place to have fights that should be saved for adults. Do guys agree with, or not?


I agree completely!

But I think that that it's ok for some, but some are pretty serious...


I agree but maybe there should be some things let on the fourm


I'm not saying not to talk about them at all, just be careful what you say on them, I think they tend to turn into flame wars because people misinturpret things, and get upset​:wink:


Well, people in this world have to be able to tolerate others.
If you can't tolerate people having different beliefs or sexualities on an online forum where you know virtually nothing about the other person, it's going to be a hard life for you when you grow up and you meet people in real life like that.

It's a strength of character that people need to learn to obtain. How else will we be able to grow as a person. We preach about trying new things, but you can't tolerate the person who has new ideals.

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