Serious problem


Kay, guz if I can't solve this problem, I'm quitting hopscotch.
Since the latest update, my projects r soooo blurry after I published it.
It's driving me crazy
Any solutions?
Plz help


I can relate with blurry projects. Since the new editor, everything has been thrown off (for me.)

#3 there any way I can solve it ? :3


I don't think so... Don't zoom in maybe?


Give a screenshot, I'm still a bit confused what's wrong. :slight_smile:


someone should make a download for an older version


Can I have a screenshot?


If you want the old editor back, check out this topic:

If the links not working, the topics named " how to get the old editor back".


She's talking about a blurry thumbnail!

(might)Not going on to hopscotch anymore

Don't quit HS! Does it really upset you that it's blurry and you would quit HS because of it??? Please don't quit HS cause of something silly like that.