Serenity's Topic [woah there's an actual category for this now]



Service dogs are great
My school has a dog and while she isnt the fluffiest shes still so cute


he is so loving i love him


@ anyone who may be invested in this topic and confused about the seemingly random closings and openings: I’m going to be like Fea and test out some of my leader buttons here so I know how to use then when they become relevant.

psst @tankt2016 mind if I edit one of your posts to say “chocolate chicken” as a test? I can change it back to its original content if you’d like.

I don’t mind!

closed #695

reopening in 3…2…1…

opened #696

open for business! and test is over :)


Sounds great! Test away, fearless Leader! :sunglasses:


Congrats serenity! You definitely deserve it!



:clap: :clap: MEME REVIEW
(funny meme)


sorry, my computer blocks the page. what is the meme like?


its a bold text meme about zombie apocalypse and yard tools


Also congratulations dude! You seem like a very cool person. William dude seems like an obvious choice but sometimes obvious choices are the most accurate.


The meme shows a bunch of yard tools, like shovels, and the caption says “My neighbor is awesome.” Then it says “In case of zombies or yard work.”



and this is relevant…how?

@AmiiboTrash thank you!! I’m hoping to be able to balance being a leader and continuing to post art and stuff on here and the dt, but we’ll see how things go. life is busy


yeah i understand it may be busy to help people as well as keep up with your normal forum life but i believe in you


It’s not lol
I felt like posting memes, sorry…


nah, you’re good! that’s what GTs are for. as long as those memes have a purpose, of course.


Wow! You’re a leader! Such an accomplishment, and I hope you’re proud of yourself.


I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of my forum bio