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Lol same
Thanks for the advice
I made mushy cards for my fam as well as funny ones for some of my peeps I play Minecraft with

Example: My sisters “unofficial boyfri,end”

(The name is a nickname don’t worry)


I’m not making valentines because I don’t have a crush on anyone. Also, family is annoying.


I just make em to get my art-iness out
It’s fun to use construction paper and sticky dots (no glue sticks here)


tbh elementary school valentines were the best

you would get stuff from people who never talked to you otherwise and it made you feel a little bit good about yourself, plus free food for a good month and a half afterwards

but when you get to this age it gets dangerous so I think it’s probably better to just be happy with the love that’s around you, y’know? like if you’ve got really good friends tell them how great they make your life. if you’ve got a mom hug your mom. if you’ve got friends who are in love, smile with them and appreciate the fact that people can feel such happy feelings towards each other. if you’ve got friends who do the crazy big gesture and get rejected, support them! if you’ve got friends who have a crush but are too shy to do anything, support them!!
just,, , spread the good vibes :)



saw this on the way home from school and it’s pretty fitting idk

tell the people in your life how much they mean to you!! I wish all of you warm fuzzy feelings <3


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never mind I take it all back I am not pumped for valentine’s day anymore


What happened?




Oh no what happened! I mean u dont have to share, but im sorry :sparkling_heart:


I’m so sorry whatever made you cry happened!!

idk man I guess i'm just not really in control of my emotional state

like I had a great week and started the day with really positive intentions and then first period hit and I just felt so sad, and couldn’t point to why. it got better for a bit until fifth period english, when we had a discussion. I said something and half the class simultaneously yelled “I disagree” and for some reason I just broke down?? like there wasn’t even really a reason but all of a sudden tears are streaming down my face and my entire english class is watching. so two of my teachers think I’m either mentally unstable or got rejected badly but in reality I just have zero control over my body

didn’t help that no one seemed to want to help…kinda ruined my mood of supporting other people who I guess were supposed to be my friends idk


hhhhh that sucks i’m so sorry <3333


yoo happy birthday!! all the best wishes <3


ahhh thank youuuuuuuuuuuu

all right my bros it's time to take a moment to recognize how completely freakin awesome @Someone45356 is as a human bean

disclaimer: this is not because it’s his birthday or because he’s feeling especially down today it’s because he’s a genuinely amazing person and needs to recognize that; I’ve been planning to do something like this for a long time

this kid?? has accomplished so much??? and I will never know how he does it with such seeming ease oml

I remember when his hs art first popped up on Trending and I was like “woah this must be an adult who does art for a living” because he was that good and I was sure he’d surpass everyone in idol-ism within like a week (which, of course, he did)

and of course when he joined the forum I was completely mind-blown because his real art was eVen beTter thAn hiS hOpsCOtch aRt?? how was this possible???
but of course, me being the indignant little middle-schooler I was, never told him about it because he seemed to get enough recognition as it was, and my art still socked…

so of course, when given criticism from this art g0d of all art g0ds, I have the audacity to get upset, when the very same criticism actually helped me improve exponentially when I actually got over my arrogance to take the advice
because not only does this kid create phenomenal, aesthetically pleasing arts; he also understands the complex anatomy behind said arts to the point where he can give advice?? which also helps him to tweak with proportions to develop a versatile style

so then when I put this kid’s gt on watching, I see all the things he believes about himself and his art, and it really strikes home with me because I feel a lot of the same things?? as a perfectionist about art I look at half the things I create and cringe. as a perfectionist about singing I spend a lot of time hating my voice even though it’s gotten me so far. as a perfectionist about school a 94 on anything makes me criticize myself and work way harder than I need to. I get it. it’s valid. which is why this kid needs to know some things.

a) his art style is valid. I know he feels like he can’t express himself here because everyone is obsessed with their anime furry waifus (uwu), but seriously his caliber of work is so far from being “not worthy;” rather, it’s so far above everything else on the dt that it is one of few things I give likes to anymore. people value legit stuff way more than he thinks, especially when they’re surrounded by people who don’t know what they’re doing. having such a distinct and professional style makes him a role model for sure

b) he doesn’t need to worry about being active/posting often. going with the role model/art g0d thing; the less often an art g0d posts art, the more art-g0d-y they are. there’s absolutely zero pressure to keep up with requests/trends/anything; an artist is more than allowed to pick and choose what, how, and when they art

c) 16 is a trying time (I know 'cause I’m there) and as a super self-critical person I offer any support/assistance someone might need in the course of life and musings. it’s the least I can do in return for all that he’s done for the community

really hope what’s left of the day gets a little better for him :)

edit: retagging @Someone45356


The thing is lol im trying to get good-er at art, so i cant just slack off.

Ill stop when im slightly satisfied with it when that will be who actually knows lol

Also the whole reason ive slowed down on my ccs was bc of u lol


ik I was the cause of that and I feel bad about it every day

but like getting good-er is something you do at your own pace, which means pace in general shouldn’t be judged whether it is slow or fast

the point here is that it’s good to be perfectionist, but letting it affect your self worth is not good