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day one of epic prestigious music conference:

  • I cooked my own steak at this one restaurant and probably poisoned myself but that’s fine
  • there was a rad canadian ukelele man who played a rad ukelele concert on his rad ukelele and it was the raddest


Rad Canadian, you say?


day three b of epic prestigious music conference (this might post before days two and three a because they are pending for some odd reason):

  • jazz kids are The Most Chill™
  • kinda lowkey like the sound of the soprano and alto saxophone
  • a dude I saw on the elevator is a bass in vocal jazz and has really nice hands and really nice glasses and a really nice groove to his music and a really nice aesthetic in general I would like to make his acquaintance
  • vOcAL jaZz
  • arrangements of summertime by vocal jazz artists
  • hats off to the girl who helped me cook my steak because she is a vocal jazz queen who absolutely slayed her summertime solo
  • really epic piano solos
  • really epic guitar solos
  • slow jazz that’s sounds light blue and river-like
  • hearing music in colors
  • we had a pizza party in the same suite that three presidents and mlk stayed in y’all that’s p cool
  • also chocolate-covered apples are delicious


afsdaffagfsfgaa i want to try those they sound amazing!!


That sounds super epic. I want to come


if you live in the us your state probably has a music education association. when fall comes around, audition the heck out of whatever instrument you play or sing

if you be good you will make your district’s festival. if you be extra good you make your state’s all-state convention. if you be one of the best you make the honors ensemble!!

psst I’m in the honors ensemble but it’s over now and all I want to do is sleep but I missed three days of school so that’s not happening anytime soon lol


yes. all canadians are rad but this ukelele man is The Most Rad

day two of epic prestigious music conference:

  • way overpriced breakfast but they had yogurt and fruit so all is forgiven
  • oh my god I love our director she’s super passionate and knows what she’s talking about and makes our music so much better I’m zmx,dncfmhtg
  • people started building towers out of our box lunches. they reached the ceiling in the lunchroom
  • “it’s a flossing in a mexican restaurant while singing despacito kind of week” - our bass, who may be racist and may be South African we don’t know for sure
  • showering abroad is not a fun time

day three of epic prestigious music conference:

  • one girl in my room spent 45 minutes in the bathroom and made us all late to rehearsal this is fine
  • the tenors are playing super smash bros in the lobby
  • super low bass notes
  • super low bass notes
  • sUpEr loW bAsS nOtes
  • everyone here is so freaking good I can’t even
  • listen to this song it’s about food and justice and it’s amazing I love it
  • dance to the music you sing


h*ck yeah i’m so glad you had such a great time


oof hi so we’re gonna vent for a sec

missing three days of school, amirite? well, usually it goes splendidly but that’s only when the teachers actually tell you what’s going on

I emailed my english teacher last monday about all-state, and he didn’t get back to me so I asked him about it in class on tuesday?? and still nothing, so I figured it was going to be a pretty chill three days

and I kept contact with a friendo in the class; she said there were reading assignments so I did those in time, but then
on our snow day
we get like three online assignments from the teacher. two of them are in advance about tomorrow because he’s going to be gone, but?? the third one??? says there is a fiVe hUndRED wOrD eSsAY??? dUe TOMORROW???ASSIGNED FRIDAY???AND THE PROMPT WAS GIVEN IN CLASS WHILE I WASGONE??????

and I hyperventilated because I care about school and I’m kind of crying a ittle bit but long story short I’ve kind of lost all respect for him as a person because for being an english teacher his communication skills are absolute trashxmksdchfyvu and it’s kind of not okay


press f for the story of how I committed the entire miles from tomorrowland theme song to memory




~chocolate chickens~


okay so one summer I decided I was going to be productive™
and I happened to be way over-conscious of my body image so I decided to walk on my mom’s machine for Thirty Whole Minutes every day

wow what a way to spend my time amirite

well, thirty minutes gets boring real fast, and my mom has a tv in her room
and I always Walked in the mornings around 7:30
so you know what I did?? I watched disney junior

and do you have any idea how cAtchy this song is

also the robot ostrich


Tbh this slaps


am I helpful or friendly (or active) enough to actually function as a forum leader


I’d say yes, you’re a naturally trustworthy person u seem very responsible


so my brother has bionic eyes

he had cataracts when he was little, so they had them surgically removed and replaced with synthetic lenses

he’s practically a robot I can’t today


is anyone else really unreasonably excited for valentine’s day

like I don’t like anyone and I’m actually really hoping not to receive any grand gestures from the people who I know like me but I’m still really heckin pumped?? like I’ve planned an outfit and I’m ready to eat chocolate and candy hearts all day and draw cute frilly heart outfits idk


I wish I could be excited
But I’ve had one too many failures when it comes to that sort of stuff that I see no point


since I stopped liking people my life has improved vastly you should try it sometime

idrk I’m just digging the aesthetic, like when you take away the cringey “oh I like u here’s a really big and materialistic opportunity to profess my undying love and possibly be unceremoniously rejected” part

I’m not about that life this year I’m only in it for the food