Serenity's Topic [woah there's an actual category for this now]




things I find hilarious:

  • new people making a gazillion topics and clogging my already useless feed
  • new people getting upset when someone tries to help them
  • new people specifically saying “you’re being really mean uwu”
  • new people using words like “yeesh”
  • new people being really ignorant
  • new people refusing to listen to advice
  • new people trying to be cool
  • new people trying too hard
  • new people

it’s the worst tbh but also it’s really funny to mess with them


oh wow big mood


Yeah I have nothing against them but I was asking one to search for topics first and they said that they got very offended :triumph::triumph::triumph: lol


theyre so ignorant its hilarious


Yeah I remember when I was new I was like scared to post and definitely wasn’t going to make a topic


Hey serenity do you have discord?
(I feel like I’ve already asked lmao)


pretty sure my first post was a long and grammatically correct paragraph accompanied by cringey art in the second drawing topic

either that or “serenity is back yayayayayayayaya” in an equally cringey grammatically correct fashion

wow am I old or what

@Xman0417 I know it exists; haven’t really looked into getting it. not sure it’d be compatible with my chromebook or my phone?? idk enlighten me


I believe it works with chromebook, it definitely works on phone.

Basically a text chat thing with the option for voice channels, and you create servers that you can add stuff to and there’s a lot of people from the HSF who’ve just switched over to that.
Such as happy dolphin and I think bbbox switched over as well.

Oh and bots have a music feature.


hmm, just tried going to the page and my school’s security system blocked it. I’ll look into it on my phone. what are the benefits?


There’s no insane restrictions on anything, the 2 servers are completely run by HSF members and they’re pretty laid back usually.


i have discord! is there an official server there?


Yeah I think mine was actually a drawing I thought was good at the time that ended up getting stuck in the filter because the moderator closed the drawing topic early for a bit and then had to open it back up just to get my post out lol


2, One made by me cuz I didn’t know of the official official server and the official official server.


okay friend me Kitty4U#4922


hmm, it is as I predicted. blocked on school-issued chromebook and an app for the phone that my mom wouldn’t let me download because it’s too similar to social media.

oh well, guess I’m stuck in the archaic ruins

@fruit4yum that sounds awesome that the moderators had to make special provisions for your first post. also really nerve-wracking


Yep lol
Tbh it might’ve been my second post idk I did them at the same time I think


Rip lol.



tbh if I use ”uwu”, it’s going to used ironically


Try this instead of the app