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Is it bad that I just realized you’re farming slime poop and selling it for a ton of money to the point where you’d question if it was illegal?


status: they’re making big hero 6 into a tELEVISION SERIES WJSIJEJXKJDGFJ


I know

I’m really sad and angry and idk


wat? why?
there’s absolutely no point?

also, what place should I unlock in Slime Rancher?



I’m probably the only person in the country who’s excited about this whoops

pretty sure it’s directed towards kids but I’m gonna watch it anyway because hiRO


Hecc, I’m out of likes.


Lol, I didn’t love the movie, so I’m not excited lol.
I only liked Baymax.


probably a bad idea to bring this here lest it get flamey but

status: laughing to myself because honestly

everyone supporting pride rainbows has these long, well-thought-out explanations for their opinions supported by actual fact and legitimate research, stated clearly and respectfully as they are actually trying to help the others understand

and the peeps supporting religious rainbows are all just like -
“bUt tHe biBblE sAyS sO sO iTmUsT bE riGhTTTTTT aw yea pwned ;D”

one actual argument I heard was “you know what?? maybe I won’t add.ress anything, get rekt”
like no
if you don’t add.ress the opposing argument, it is assumed that you cannot come up with a valid response for said argument
you have just been “rekt”


The writers of the Bible missed something important.


What did they miss?


casual inactivity notice: I’m heading to California on a choir tour and then going downstate-in-my-own-state for a convention, so I probably won’t be on at all for the next week-and-a-half or so

of course that was unnecessary because no one cares but eh

please don’t mess up the dino topic y’all


aaaaaa so much has happened

san fran was great and I may have made a fool of myself at the convention but hey who cares right dfk,mjgbf

also there’s an ever after 3
it came out yesterday after a year of nothing from our mythical jon cozart
that is all

on another note I have an urge to draw but no ideas for a subject


Hi! :wave::grin:! Happy you’ve-been-on-the-hopscotch-forum-for-2-years Day! I just wanted to say good job. So, “good job”.



oh look at that

it’s my anniversary and I didn’t even notice

welp, thanks for the well wishes!! they’re very much appreciated my dude :)


Hey lol.

How are you doing?


lol hey.

I’m doing pretty good, thanks for asking. right now I’m in Wisconsin on a vacation, and I start school this Friday when I get back.

how are you?


Don’t be like me and make six general topics.




Nobody came on my generals, so I kept making them.