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If this actually happens that’ll be really awesome


Wait who


You know, I am studying military tactics for no apparent reason and organizing this would be almost as good as becoming a military officer


I don’t want to spamyhe drawing topic with this
But google’s first suggestion for an app that lets you video chat with some people at the same time was Skype


I was sent from the drawing topic



how many people can Skype host? because if we were to do a giant forum thing, there’d be a lot of people


only 10 people at the same time…


We could use discord, that has text chat for a lot of people, voice chat systems, and even video chat stuff
It works really well for what we want to do


aa so how do we do that

as in “please tell info about this software because I will research it myself but not currently because PSAT”


But then I’d have to get Discord and I’m too lazy


one Person would make a server for HS, I know 2 forumers who are good at that

And then it’s joinable through a link
There are different channels, that are completely customizable by the admin (creator)
And then the admin can add voice chat channels to it as well


I liek your pfp lol that’s it


thank you my dude it’s a quicksilver slime


Did u make it cuz I want one xD


I got one. If you think it’s copy I will remove.


Loool what if we made a group with these


YEAAHAHSHWHA ur on wooi hoo


I had that one as my pic at the beginning of the month - 'twas surprising to see you with it!

I’ll be rotating my pics monthly throughout the year, so I’ll probably end up with all of them at some point.

EDIT: yes, I’m on, but I have to leave for school in a few minutes


Oooh ok. Do u have tips for drawing


Ooof ook thhen lol ok