One of the four protagonists. She’s kind of the opposite of you, tbh, because she’s very sporty, and I know how much you loooove sports. XD


ahh no mah dood ;0
okAY, uhm idk just give a detailed description of a character that you’d like me to draw, please. ;3


okAY, here goes XD

Gender: iron man (FeMale)
Skin Tone: un-tan-able
Hair: that-one-shade-between-blonde-and-brown-that-human-languages-forgot-to-give-a-name-to, wavy/messy with a section pinned back with a golden barrette
Eye Color (if eyes are drawn in the New-Photo-Style) (it’s totally fine whichever style is used) : green
Dress: sleeveless gold bodice with a sweetheart illusion neckline, ivory/off-white high-waisted tea-length skirt
Other Clothing Items: golden three inch heels
General Vibe: content with self at present moment


Ayy Frens:
I’m well aware that I’m about to sound like an attention seeker, but I’m honestly curious as to what my image is on the forum. If it’s not taking too much time out of your day, it would be awesome if you’d help my sense of identity by giving an honest opinion?

I don’t care if you choose mean-sounding options; if that’s what you think of me I really do want to know.

Thanks, all :D

Poll: What is your opinion on my existence?

  • nonexistent. who are you again?
  • mysterious unicorn. heard of you, don’t know much about you.
  • elusive legend. you’re someone I’ve heard of and want to get to know, but you post so little…
  • omniscient deity. I hear tales of your glory/really admire you, but I never see you around.
  • lil’ friendo. smol n’ precious. gud, pure child.
  • gud friendo. you’re pretty prominent on the forum, and I like you as a random Internet human.
  • raging bull. fights everyone, all the time. queen of the flame wars.
  • flicky tick. like a little flea. posts too much and is annoying. go away.
  • majestic alicorn. speaks with purpose and can present well on issues. want you on my side of any argument.
  • sipping hot chocolate by the window. you is friendo, but I never see you anymore…
  • boring?? I’ve never taken that much of an interest in you.
  • other (reply)

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Th a n k

Tagging Art Frens


Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]

other?? i’m tagged on your posts and enjoy seeing what you have to say, especially your art–you’re mature and a cool person but i don’t really talk to you that much :3


I want to know about “the world is exploding”.

You’re an omniscient deity, I guess.

You liked my post by and I’m still sitting here waiting for an explosion.


AGHHHH do you like slime rancher.
if so that’s amazing.


Yass. I’ve beaten the main gameplay though, so now I’m just farming slimesss XD


Oh wow. I played it on Xbox yesterday. I forgot how much fun it is. in terms of jumping off cliffs XD








hi you must spamlike ahappycoder pls


but what if I run out of likes??


then um I’ll use my magical spamliking powers to give you some
just punish him for his terriible actions


:000 what has he done??


he has joined the dark side and used his spamliking powers for evil ;-;


oh my ;-;

why must we fight fire with fire??


because… we’re low on the water supply


cause um all other elements are evil and there’s only fire left now