I did thirty before in a cast photo; I think fifty shouldn’t be too hard as long as I have people on top of each other. Who knows? I may be able to include more.

le shrug


Ooo, I’d love to join!
I’ll fill out my form later ;D


If it’s too hard just let me know, I can do a human form if you want ^^

Tysm!! You’re super cool


if feel like i should hop on to the trend but it’d take a decade for me to finish it


Username: TheGreenBanana
Human, Animal, or object? (note: animal and object avatars are excluded from the “fifty people” limit): human

Hair Color: weasley red
Hair Length: slightly past chest
Hair Style: wavy, half up
Skin Tone: tan
Eye Color: hazel
General Expression/Pose/Vibe: mildly happy
Clothing Description: dark red sweater & tight dark blue jeans
Notes: thanks


An American short hair tabby with golden eyes, (if full body) lanky, smaller. Like the cat in my profile pic who’s peeking out of the bathroom closet. : P
Mucho gracias Señora. :wink:
(I can be in someone’s arms/head/lap if needed. )


Human, Animal, or object? (note: animal and object avatars are excluded from the “fifty people” limit):human

if animal:
Type of Animal:
Description of Said Animal:

if object:
Description of Said Object:

if human:
Hair Color:black
Hair Length:really close to knees
Hair Style:messy braid(unintentional)
Skin Tone:dark tan
Eye Color:brown (also dark :3)
General Expression/Pose/Vibe:arms crossed smiling (no teeth showing)looking at budgie on shoulder(you can choose the color of the budgie)
Clothing Description:jeans/legging thing, white shirt with panda at the bottom, red plaid shirt on top(again, not intentional c: (not for fashion purposes either)) o-0
Notes:Thank you so much! You are my art idol(notjustsayinthatnotmeaninit) Feel free to take anything out of that if you don’t want to do it! Ask me if you are confused with anything!
I’m even confused … O-0


Thanks!! :333


Username: TappymLP
Human, Animal, or object? (note: animal and object avatars are excluded from the “fifty people” limit): Human!

If human:
Hair colour: Black/ more towards the reds than blues when in light

Hair Length: roughly around my shoulder blade but when it’s ina ponytail it is up to my shoulders

Hair Style: Either half down with a waterfall braid on one side or in a medium high ponytail — usually messy. No actual part/ spit per se but I like to experiment with it because it is really thick.

Skin Tone: Asian tan — lately I’ve been kinda of sick so it might be de-sat or duller.

Eye Colour: I like to think I have dark brown eyes but my friends keep saying they’re like black holes… the pupil is invisible

General Expression/Pose/Vibe: Occasionally I have moments of manipulative tendencies, uhh other than that I’m pretty chill~ Also, I’m tired… like really tired.

Clothing Description: An oversized Black T-shirt with a Terrible pun on it, tied on the side (E.G. Starwars Coffee; Three apples changed the world: Adam’s, Newton’s and Steve’s) — I actually own both of those. A dark grey skirt over top of black leggings. OR A grey hoodie with GAP written in pink across the chest and dark leggings.

Notes: Thanks for even reading this, I know it’s kinda hard to understand. Ask any questions if you’re confused. Oh yeah, and I’m kinda skinny; sickness kinda does that to you but I’m getting better. :)


I hope I get in!


I’d like to be on it! Just draw a part of this picture:

Draw me with a determined pose, with a face like, “There’s no point in giving up.”


Username: SenseiCoder
Human, Animal, or object? (note: animal and object avatars are excluded from the “fifty people” limit): Human

Hair Color: Dark-ish brown (medium brown, I guess?)
Hair Length Shoulder-length
Hair Style: Low bun or a ponytail, held up by a dark purple scrunchie.
Skin Tone: Most of me is a peachy-light tan, but my face is much lighter than that.
Eye Color: Bluish-green
General Expression/Pose/Vibe: Arm around a nearby forumer (I don’t really care which one lol), other arm in hoodie pocket. Simple, friendly smile.
Clothing Description: Sapphire blue hoodie, with a black outline of an alpaca in the middle. Inside the outline there is some designs/decoration. Also, black leggings and navy blue Converse.
Notes: I also have blue and black plaid nerd-style glasses (close to large square rims but the bottoms are rounded, I can send you a pic if needed). Thank you!!




Human, Animal, or object? (note: animal and object avatars are excluded from the “fifty people” limit): Animal

if animal:

Type of Animal: Jellyfish

Description of Said Animal: A blue, bioluminescent jellyfish


thx. Can’t wait to see it ^^



Are you still doing this? And is it too late for me to join? :0


a. Yep! My free time is pretty much nonexistent right now, but as soon as I find some I’ll be getting started on it!

b. Nope! I’ll keep accepting requests until I get to fifty (excluding animals and objects).