I'm trying to find out the identity of this hacker but a search wields no results


well a person saids omething about hopscotch in the first post



that was me asking the hacker that, there's a hacker that goes by CielingFan, she was Enigma than Snake of Ice, blablabla you probably know this already


there are so many hackers on insta its not worth investigating

sucks that she cant make new accouonts but u cant do anything but wait


Waiting for more news

And trying to find out who the hacker is


heard about it

i doubt the hacker is from hs if you dont know the person from hs

if she is your online friend.. did you meet her on insta?




itlookslike her posts have something to do with a game... no idea

did you meet her in that game? idk


No, I met her on Insta, but I won her giveaway


hold on

did you win the giveaway right before . she got hacked? (did u get the prize)

how did you find her account in the first place?


I don't know, maybe just scrolling, I forget everything

A few days before, yes. Never got the prize


Yes, kinda


i'm sorry, but i have to go

the answer to your question is "4 days"

but some people think it's kinda hard though


Oh my gosh, thank you! That's very nice of you! :slight_smile:

#300 think your art is horrible?look at mine lol


I LOVE YOUR ART!your very good


Your very welcome!I don't think I have ever seen ■■■■ a cute profile pic fren!


Why, thank you! :blush:


@Serenity, I took the personality test that was in your bio; I got adventurer


Do you know the 4-letter code? Different psychology websites use different names.