Ahahehe​:neutral_face: Uh let's talk about something else


My summer is going quite well! How about yours?

@Snoopy I dunno. Maybe because this topic has been so inactive that I never changed it? I know KVJ added a "yo".

@FireGirl3Acer Well, since you didn't come with food, I'm afraid I'll have to eat you. nom nom


my nicknames glowy .(I'm a HUGe fan or ur art)


Aww, thanks! Nice to meet you, Glowy!


Nice to meet you to screams I actually meet you ur like ,a hs legend


Haha, I scream internally whenever I meet anyone. Social skills en pointe :ok_hand:


Wait don't eat meh!
Have a :strawberry:


Thank you noms

You may proceed XD




l o l and sorry I didn't respond sooner I had to go to church then I ate out sooo...


Glowys fren list (otherwise people who I like, ADORE which is everyone)
and theres people who don't even know meh but I like there art
@Hitokage (*sniffle *Miss u so much hito!)
@photographer123 (she news and great at art! u have got to check her out)
and so much more if you don't have ur name on here please tag me as @GlowingArtist so you can be added to the chain!


Very unrelated- how do you remember all those usernames? :3


I scroll through the topics I talked to people in and also I look through peoples frens list to see if I know any of thhem :3


This is the first time someones mentioned that they liked my art without knowing me very well :000


Hiiiii!! :D


Awww thanks <33333


my art is horrible no stop pls


Wow so much activity in my topic

But none of it is about me

grabs popcorn

Please, do go on.


:3 I have this topic on watching even though I just posted once, I don't know why. XD


Hmm. Well, it's wonderful to have you here nonetheless!