Serenity's School of Music!

It teaches you music theory, which is then applied in hs
Reni did challenges and things with this, especially at the start when she was less busy.



I intended for this topic to be a music theory resource - theory knowledge is necessary to arrange some songs for the two octaves available in hopscotch, and can be a huge help to your coding even if you have sheet music to reference. the challenges (back when I had enough time to run personal lessons in addition to leader comps, and life stuff, haha) had coding components with the goal of making music coding less scary.

from all that explanation: this is very much a music coding topic - just like gwe’s guide and nobody’s value method topic. thus, while we can give and receive theory help here (with the interest that you’ll add it to your knowledge base for future coding endeavors), it’s not a substitute for private lessons. and under no circumstances is it safe to share a video of yourself that could be used to identify you (by someone who doesn’t just want to help you with a polyrhythm).

for more help with video guidelines, see this post by the wonderful Kayla!
the key questions to ask before you upload a video to youtube:

  • is it educational?
  • is it safe?

the key question to ask before you share a video on the forum:

  • is it related to Hopscotch or coding?
  • does it follow our community guidelines?

hope this helps! :slight_smile:


yeah it does thank you