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wow thank you! how’s things?


Hey @Serenity!

So I’ll probably be stopping my guitar lessons in the upcoming week (my teacher left). Do you have any advice for learning on your own?


I’m not serenity but my advice (and don’t trust me, I have never learned on my own before) is to play music you like
I like playing songs and trying to make it sound like the actual song (if it’s a song)
Metronomes are helpful in keeping time (I despise them) so use them to make sure you don’t go into a different time signature


I agree. I am learning the drumlines for many Weezer songs, because I enjoy them and want to learn them

Plus they’re simple lol


Tabs and things can be super helpful.
Just practice a lot and like GCC and gwe said, make sure you’re playing stuff you actually like.


hey sage! it’s sad that your teacher is unable to teach you anymore, but I’ve heard that guitar and ukelele are fitting instruments to practice/learn on your own. I feel your struggle; this is my piano teacher’s last year of lessons, and I don’t know what I’ll do without her!

if you can, ask your teacher for some books of sheet music. that way, whenever you feel like playing or learning something but don’t know where to start, you can go through the book the way you might in a regular lesson environment.
if you didn’t learn songs like that, or if that style of repertoire bores you, then I’d suggest always having a few things in mind that you’d like to learn to play. fearless, gwe, and gcc are totally right that you’re more likely to persevere with a song you really like than with a song that feels more like a chore. plus, they’re great for goal-setting!

the biggest struggle with not having regular lessons is not having regular opportunities to practice. I know that my life often gets in the way of practicing, and sometimes the my lesson is the only time of the week that I get to play. if you really want to retain your skills and continue building on them, it might be smart to set aside a time when your lesson would have been as designated practice time.

best of luck, dude! I own a guitar but have never learned to play it; I can’t get my fingers to curve quite right.


Thanks for the advice!

Sadly my teacher has already left (without telling my he was leaving but that’s not the point.) so I can’t ask him for anything to work on.

While I was in lessons I did learn songs that I enjoyed, so I suppose I’ll continue that.

The practicing thing sounds good, and I’ll definetely try that!



BaSs ReViEw


Hey serenity!
I have some odd stuff in my music book! If you have the time, could you tell me what it means?


sure! can you tell me a bit more about what you see / show some safe pictures?


Yeah! I’ll tell you when I get my book!
They’re all safe because it’s on a band book :))


of course! I just meant, like, don’t take a pic of the book and yourself, or the book and your house, etc :yum: