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Welcome! If you were active on the gdt, you may have seen my post about a possible music school here on the forum. I’m super passionate about music and I think music theory is something more people (especially musicians) should be educated on. That being said, if you’re a musician I encourage you to take a formal music theory course at your school!

The purpose of this topic is to share my knowledge of music construction and to find ways to compose or transcribe music with the software Hopscotch offers. I tentatively plan to have a new lesson every Tuesday or so, and a new coding challenge every Thursday.

However, the content of these lessons will depend on how much you already know about music. Therefore, I took a placement exam from Bowling Green State University and coded a pre-test for you all! Please answer all questions using your own brain, as I will form lessons based on your skill set, not Google’s. :sweat_smile: You can take it at the link below.

Once you’ve taken the test, reply with your score and a short summary of your music experience. How long have you been involved with music? How are you involved with music (instruments, choir, dance, composing, etc.)? How does music speak to you?

Also, if you have any name/theme suggestions for this school (like how NaF follows a chemistry theme) I’d be happy to take them.

Thanks so much! Once I have everyone’s scores, we can get started with lessons. I’m really looking forward to it!


I am looking forward to this as well! I am signing off for a couple of days soon though, so I might not have the time to do this (the quiz) right now (before my trip that starts in two days).


This sounds cool!
Finally, advanced music!
@Serenity, I don’t play the piano…


I’ve been sorta in and out of music, for about 4 years?

I used to do the piano, for 1 year, now I do singing and I’m in choir for my grade.

Music is just something I always enjoy listening to, and since I can’t play it that well, I like to code it. It’s my main way of doing music tbh. It also calms me on a bad day :blush:

I’m not that good at playing the piano lol, my general skills are not so good :sweat_smile:


I’ve never played the piano?
So I understand basic notes on a line thing, and nothing difficult.
So I got…


I messed up because I read f major instead of minor, but what happened?


(Of course…
E is the one that breaks the game
I’m laughing lol)

That’s odd…


If you’re talking abt this

It’s called a staff


I got 9/20.
I guessed basically everything. I have played the saxophone for 5 years almost, but I have never really taken a class on musical theory. So I know how to read basic sheet music, but now with fancy words like “andante” or things like that.


I know all the fancy words (lol) because they’re in Italian and I’m bilingual so


woah… were there any questions where you had to tap multiple times to get it to work? I think there may be a glitch I missed, at least in the question about the harmonic minor scale.


sorry i know i’m not in the class lol but i took the quiz and on the question about harmonic minor scales i couldn’t click “7” but i’m on the browser so idk if that could also be an issue



so i took it but then i left and helped on my summer project so i lost it…

I got 8/20 though

I’ve been playing guitar for 5 and a half years now, electric and left handed, and take lessons in town. I’ve been playing trombone for 4 years at school. I was in my school’s jazz band for two years, and I am currently doing a jazz camp (both for trombone). I often mix up more names since i’m learning both bass and treble clef. For guitar I don’t usually read sheet music, i’ve been taking a few years to train my ear (listen to and play songs). Oh also, I’m joining chorus this fall at my school


GCC and I started taking piano lessons after we turned 5 (I think), though I stopped last June.
I also never really payed attention to music theory and didn’t know what the heck half the stuff in the quiz was


Yeah harmonic scale option titled “7” does not progress the question


that would be the problem then. if you purposefully answered something else, with everything else being correct, your score should equate to 19/20?


am i allowed to join? if there are any available spots? i got 17/20 missing 3 of the chord questions

i played piano for 2 years and have been playing the clarinet for 3 years. i’m familiar with basic music theory, but i’m not very comfortable with chords and natural/harmonic minors. i tend to think in concert pitches now though (which is annoying to both me and my private lesson teacher). for example, a concert Bb major (a clarinet C) would have no sharps or flats while a clarinet Bb major scale would have Bb and Eb (which would be a concert Ab)

i want to learn more music theory to improve my clarinet playing. i also just think it’s interesting. and i might take AP music theory in the future so… idk.


of course! I’m intending this ‘class’ to be pretty open-ended, as in anyone can come in, learn stuff, do a challenge if they like, whatever. ultimately I hope the lessons can serve as a resource for interested students in the future.


cool :)

don’t mean to get too off topic, but how was your experience with AP music theory?? i’ve heard it’s difficult (the listening part especially)


this is a really cool idea !! i got 19/20 on the quiz, but it wouldnt let me press 7 for the harmonic minor question…? anyways, music and instruments are my passion. ive been playing the clarinet for four years in my school band, and started playing for a state orchestra this year. i’ve played piano for seven, i had lessons up until probably two years ago but i still continue to play on my own. i also started teaching myself ukulele, trumpet, percussion, and alto sax this year, and hope to learn more instruments (: music theory has always been of interest to me, but i havent really had the opportunity to learn much about it, which is why i feel like this group would be a good fit for me. i feel like learning music theory would benefit my playing, and it just seems really interesting to learn about as well :))