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Well, that was a random title. Anyhoo, this is what I’ll be posting in most of the time, because I’m not sure how often I’ll be on the forum, so I don’t want to get lost in this flood of stuff.

I’ll be on for limited time on weekends only. I know, the schedule stinks.

I’m just going to tag everyone I can tag, and keep adding more so people I know will see this.

@Bananadog @Candycane @Kiwicute2016 @Maltese @XiaoMiaoMi @Gilbert189 @SmilingSnowflakes @SmileyAlyssa

These are just random people off the top of my head who talked to/followed/payed attention to me on Hopscotch, plus a few who asked me to tag them.

Feel free to ask me anything here; I’ll also be asking questions of my own.

Serenity's Topic [woah there's an actual category for this now]

Hi! Again lol!

What sorts of things are you planning on doing on HS in the autumn (fall)?


Hi! You've joined the forum? <3

Welcome, @Serenity!

I'm such a fan of you :3

I have a question: What inspired you to draw? :D


Btw you have limited replies on your first day so be sure to edit by clicking the "•••" by your post, then the pencil to edit posts if you run out! After today you get unlimited replies :slight_smile:


Hi Serenity!

I'm a big fan C:

I love your art and am so glad that you joined the forum!


Hi again, serenity, c:
( you will see a lot of the c: emoticons around the forum @Maltese but they are just a trend lol)

Who/what inspires your artwork and drawings?
Do you draw on paper or use any drawing apps?


This isn't tennis, miss candy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heh heh... Yeah... xD

Here's a 'c:' heart, by the way, @Serenity :D



I hate autocorrect sometimes XD


Yet you rely on it all the time...


Yeah, but it is helpful that it corrects your words but sometimes it corrects them to the wrong thing...


Genau my point…

LGBoT now


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I think we use @PopTart0219's :D

I've never used a tag list on my topics, so I wouldn't know. :3


Ok, I found the link:

And this is why I bookmark.


WELCOME @Serenity!!!!!!! :D

I'm so glad you joined! I was so sad that you had to leave Hopscotch because of your device, but now you're here! :D I know you'll like the drawing topic a lot! You can post your art (paper or digital) there and talk about why it's different from drawing on Hopscotch, etc. :D Welcome! :D

(I post a lot more art on the forum than on Hopscotch! XD)


Drawing, drawing, drawing! I'll probably try to get NaturalArt up and running as soon as possible, and if there's been a new update, I'll be checking it out.

Other than that, I haven't really thought about any specific coded projects. I do want to make a legitimately good trail art in my Hopscotch lifetime, and finish my Leaflet.



Wait what? People like me? I'm so incredibly flattered! Thanks!

@Maltese Honestly, I don't know.

Here's a brief (we'll see how that goes XD) summary of my art experience.

I remember in Kindergarten, all I could draw were hearts and horribly deformed flowers. I'd rather use a coloring book. But I did use those often.
By second grade, I was drawing dogs. Maybe when I get my camera to work I'll try to recreate one and post it. It was pretty bad, and too cartoon-ish for my tastes now.
In third grade, I had this phase of drawing horses. They were so good, and surprisingly anatomically correct, considering my age. I must've had a million of them! After third grade, though, I've never been able to get correct horse anatomy.
Then my friend inspired me to draw wolves in anime, which back then I thought was just a style and not also a genre of television. My wolf anatomy was and is still a little off, and I definitely don't draw them as well as I draw people.
Then my other friend introduced me to anime people. I stuck to it like glue, and since then I've perfected my style enough that the anatomy can be called decent.
I really didn't start my chibi style until I started drawing on Hopscotch. I needed a simple, cute style that was uniwue and still close to the classic kawaii potatoes I see walking around. That's where it came from! In life, I still draw more anime than chibi.
So, from that (not) brief history of my drawing experience, friends and the Internet are probably my "inspiration" for art.

@Candycane I decided to add your question to this post, since they're similar.

Paper. Always paper.
I draw on Hopscotch and I had a phase with ArtStudio for a while, but my best anatomy always comes on paper. So I guess you won't see any good art until I figure out how to work this computer. XD
That c: is so derpy and cute! I love it! I personally have an obsession with "XD"
Inspiration for specific work usually comes from stuff in my life. ( so specific Serenity XD ) Right now I'm doing an OC 30 Day Challenge, which I'd be happy to share, but the OC I'm using is carefully constructed through research as to not make her too Sue-ish. Most other art comes from random bursts of ideas in my head.

Thanks for asking!


Awesome! :D

Of course people like you, @Serenity! :3


@Serenity :D
I didn't get to welcome you yesterday, but welcome!
I'm a big fan of your art on hopscotch and I know you will have ALOT of fun on the forum :D

and the drawing topic XD