Serenity, You Should Do Tutorials!


I'm just wondering, if you make tutorials.
Cuz your animal drawings are awesome!
You really should!
Do you think you can, cuz I need help drawing animals....
Please, it would be so amazing!
I got a new sketchbook!


So when do we start to link are drawings on the forum


Anybody Wanna Join?

Woah...a topic just for me? I guess I could try...
I'm going to call in some Regulars/Leaders and ask a question:
I don't really think it's necessary for there to be a topic just for my currently nonexistent drawing tutorials. Do you think this should be made into a topic for tutorials? Does such a topic already exist? Would this do better in the drawing topic?

so many questions


Well, drawing isn't exactly related to Hopscotch. If you could find a way to relate it to Hopscotch, you could totally make a topic for it! :slight_smile:


Thanks for tagging me with all those leaders!

Idk really. I'll let the other tagged leaders reply!


Is there a topic yet for Hopscotch tutorials? I feel like both drawing tutorials and Hopscotch tutorials could be melded into one topic.


I don't know of one. However, I don't think that that sort of topic would be so great, since a large portion of it isn't exactly related.


Totally just reading these XD


:frowning: All of topics always have leaders on them saying YOU CANT DO THIS. Why? What is wrong with my topics?


Okay. Makes sense to me!
@EmeraldKittyCat , if you really want me to make tutorials, you can just @ me on the drawing topic and I'll post them there, since the drawing topic is a lot more relevant to what you're asking.
Thanks for the help, @Gilbert189 !


Here is the drawing


Woah. Did you draw that?!? Thats awesome.....