Separate Notifications for Plants?

Yes, that would make sense! My notifs have been clogged, and I don’t even know who gave me my last plant (why did I get 6 this week? I could only find 4!)

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yep me too


I do aswell, but recently they’ve been super chaotic (my last project got 60 likes in a day :man_facepalming:t4:)

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yeah I think it should be in the plants tab

What if you could code a thank-you card to send to the planter? And you could open up the card-coding editor from a Gift Card button and the editor had some abilities for coding a card. And it goes to a second tab in your drafts (or the plants tab, but only you can see it?) until it is sent, and instead of the Publish button there is a Send button. And the card would appear at the top of their notifications (like notifs from PMs do) and goes to their plants tab or something.


Yeah the plants tab would be a good place for plant notifs
All it does right now is tells you how many plants you have ( I have 1)
And it has a video and animation
And there is kinda no reason to click it now unless you get plants every 10 seconds and loose track


I already said that lol

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Good idea!

Maybe u can shoes the message that pops up in their notifs?

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