Sentences ideas?


I am making a project and I need funny/unrealistic presents sentences! Do any of you have ideas? Just short sentences like "A unicorn".


A potato


Yeah sorta...It's a thank you generator!


An alien
A three headed cat
An alicorn
A grumpy cat
A hater
A big red dog
A Happy Coder
An Orange Scent
A potato


Something like this?
Thank you for _____________________? And on the blank lines, you'd have those crazy random words?


Thanks! That will be very helpful!




i have more, that was only 1/100 of my ideas XD


Moi needs MOAR!!


Oh never mind I think, I am done!


A number
A letter
A genius
A hater
A Pusheen the cat
A Funky 63
A Pop tart
A crazy goat
A Smiley Alysaa
A snow girl
A dancing lollipop
A girrafe dolphin
A creative Coder
A curved guitar
A tapdancing cookie
A half eaten cookie
A evil monster
A pair of socks
A emoji
This is only 2/100 of my ideas


they are too long!...Sorry and I am done...really sorry, I have wasted you time.


Ok XD I shall take my ideas somewhere else (JK)




It works now!!! @Berrymelon @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf


Could you change my name to KawaiiPixie that's my hopscotch name, this was just my old name


@AHappyCoder, it is so awesome! I love it!


Are you going to have a newer version?


Its really cool, Thanks for giving credit :blush:


I don't know....