SenseiCoder/SC's Game Show! c:


Credit to everyone who did this before me!

So, if you've seen one of the game shows, then you probably know what to do! If not, I ask people Hopscotch questions, and the first to answer gets a point!

Here's the prizes, depending what the amount of points you get!

5 points: Spam likes and a Follow!
10 points: A shoutout!
15 points: A trail art logo!
20 points: A trail art/drawing request!
25+ points: A huge trail art dedicated to you!




Question 1!
What project is at the top of my Favorites?
Who is it made by?
How many likes does it have?


Movelogger by Rawrbear.
It has 2869 likes.


Correct! :D

Question 2!
What is my favorite song?
HINT: It is on my massive song list on my bio. XD


Hello? There are so many.


That was my favorite song!

It's farther down on the list.


This Is What You Came For?
Can I pls have another hint?? XD


Phew pants

You've invited me yey hi

I'm tired I need a break I've been typing faster than normal XD


I'm actually listening to that right now XD

HINT: It starts with a C!


Can't Stop The Feeling!!


Yas! :D

Question 3!
How many likes does my most liked project have?





Question 4!
What is my cat's name?

@Maltese You gonna answer this?


Can I have a hint plz? Cause I would have to be super creepy crazy stalker person to know the answer.


Two hints:

  1. My cat's a girl.
  2. It starts with an A.




Super ultra mega close!
It's a different spelling XD




I won't torture you trying to answer this (XD), so it's spelled "Ashley".

I'll give you 1/2 a point!


Yey! Is anyone else going to answer?