Sense, Think, Act



I'm writing this because I see an increase amount of unrelated topics. And you might be saying:

"Let 'em read the Community Guidelines!"

Well, the thing is, the Community Guidelines Is hidden in the button beside your profile picture. And I'm guessing that's the last thing someone will see.

So I'm here going to tell you about Sense, Think and Act.
I learnt this from my teacher, it's about being safe in the Internet, but I'm going to try adapt it so it will be suitable for the forum.


Sense what you are writing, as in, think about what you are writing. Are you writing something appropiate? Something related to Hopscotch? And the most common mistakes, have this question been asked?


Think about the conqsequences, will you be rewarded with good comments? Or thrown with bad comments? This is probably the most crucial part because it determines whether the topic will be good or bad.


You thought or it? Do it! Either Publish or Abandon the post... Donno whether to publish or not? That means you skipped Think.

Sense, Think, Act (Re-emphasised)
Think before you post!


  • Excellent

  • Good

  • Meh

  • Nah

  • Yhuck



I agree @comicvillestudios, I have seen a number of hopscotch related posts which had turned unrelated due to one singular unrelated post, it's amazing how one post changes the whole topic.


Cus they say:

A small act of kindness can change the course of the world

Just that uh... It's no kind act



Oops, off topic :3



if you posted a JUST DO IT gif than why do you post your ■■■■■■■■■?


Why do I post my what??


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I never posted my FULL nam e, just my first name. Is that what you meant??


no, name. and real. on mean people on hopscotch.


They mean your first AND last name, specifically your last one. :wink:


Aaaaand.. We're starting to get off topic..


Yeah..... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: