Sense, Think, Act (Re-emphasised)



I have created a new topic to encourage people to follow these steps.
I want to RE-EMPHASISE the STA steps... The original topic is here...

Unfortunately, I have to say something...

I'm quite disappointed about the number of flagged and/or closed topics there are in the forum. The number of spams, irrelevant posts are rising...

If you're from the last topic, you might say this again... "READ THE GUIDELINES"

Well... Same reason...


Sense means to know what are you writing... Are you writing something helpful? Something mean? What will the consequences be? Is it right or wrong?

Ask yourself... Is it necessary?


... One step ahead.. Maybe not one, maybe two? I dunno...

I mean... Everything has their own consequences, let be if it's good or bad. Will what you say benefit others? If not, how will it affect others? Think...

Think twice before saying something


If it's the right thing to do... You can post it. If it sounds a bit off, you might want to rephrase it first and start the whole process again.

If it's TOTALLY off topic, inappropriate or it's just plain spam.. Why post it? You wasted your time and other people's time, reading something that is not beneficial!

If you wrote something that got flagged, and the WHOLE TOPIC got flagged, you have the blame. Unless someone flagged you for no reason. If the owner of the topic is a member, well done... You have affected someone..

See what I mean?

What you do will cause a chain reaction...

A note to all: I'm really disappointed, closed topics is likely to catch more people's attention...


Cool! very good message!


(sorry for editing, I just couldn't help my-self! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


I need to work on my grammar... :sweat:


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I'm going....


Geez shop


Do you have a hopscotch account?


Probably not... He's likely just found this random forum and started this thing....


Do leaders (normal ones like you) have the ability to remove posts? If possible can you please remove that post? Thx... It really gets on my nerves...


Not me, for your information :confused:


No unfortunately. I can move posts though.


@Kiwicute2016, sorry I'm really off topic, but how close am I to regular?


I don't think leaders can check that (only mods). Everything seems good...maybe read more posts? I'm not sure.


Just read, like, post, and be on a lot!


That's mean you need a better attitude, mister.