Senpais @TheGreenBanana and Hermione's collab topic!



Hi guys me and @TheGreenBanana are coding partners now!
So this is our topic for discussing ideas u guys are allowed to post anything here but please be sth about us like.
Can u guys make a trail art rabbit
Your last project was cool!

Have fun watching.

A Question for @DMF do u wanna join us??


Do you want to make an account? @Hermione I could not be on it much, once a wk. at the most.


@hermione when you are like this please and stay on. This topic


Sorry I was doing much homework literally all day!


@DMF do u wanna join us?


You on? @Hermione? Sorry about that's!


@TheGreenBanana ok so should we work on the circle project?
And should we make a account?
So I think the username should be TheGreenStar​:comet:
So TheGreen from your name and Star​:comet:


I really like that! What circle project? @Hermione


Oh yeah now I've got 2 coding partners!
However, I have got a question to the 2 of the coding partners!
@TheGreenBanana do you want to include @MiracleShoutouts?
@MiracleShoutouts do u wanna join us and become 3 coding partners?

For @TheGreenBanana


The project that you had to tap the blue circles/squares I forgot which one lol


Oh I'd love tO make that a collab! And yes we can include @MiracleShoutouts


Ok I'm going to give you the password. Like when you see it.




I also got it, okay? :smiley:




You have it? @hermione


What should be our name?


Sure! I got thy password already!