>>>>> Senpai? Kouhai? <<<<<


Hi people have senpais but does anyone know what kouhai means????

(## Btw I am Japanese so I know)
Well here is an explanation
In Japanese Senpai is spelled like
先輩 and kouhai is spelled like
Do you spot the difference?
Well the difference is
先 and後 chinese people will be able to understand this! :wink:
先means front and 後 means back!
So Senpai is people that you admire
And kouhai means the person that you are admired by!

Any questions = Welcome (to my house :smiley: lol XD)

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Facts: Kouhai can me a person that is younger than you and Senpai can mean You are older than someone!


Then @NiftyNia75 is my kouhai!


Then you are my kouhai, and I am your Senpai!


Wut does that wait...Awwwww thanks!!!


My Kouhai is @MobCraft


This is so cool fren! :3


I guess @Potter_Head is my Kouhai? S/he's my fan so


I am everyone's koahai :slight_smile:


Finally, a place to mention this:

I'm Japanese too.


I've heard that Kouhai means student... Might be one of the defenitions.


Doesn't mean back
后 means back


I looked back on this and freaked out


This website explains everything but kouhai



Nice played


Yup! You and PB are my senpais, me no have Kouhai :cold_sweat:


Aw, it's ok!!

I used to know how you feel... Until you came along XD

over loudspeaker IS ANYONE HERE @POTTER_HEAD'S KOUHAI?????????????


Where's the 22 button?


I saw that edit...

I am SO surprised someone else knows Japanese.
My original language is Korean though, but I'm Japanese, so I have to study...
Ughnn, Nya,


Oh can you speak Japanese though?



Um wut happened to the 20 character trick :0


You have to do this


Wut?!?! NOOOOO