Senpai Comments!


Since the first topic was just telling what senpais someone had....
I think you need to
1 tell what senpais you have and
2 tell a nice comment about them!


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There is no reason to make a new one, simply revive the old one.


Ill go first
My senpais are
@Lisa1045 (she is so nice)
@KVJ (i love his projects and he is a good fren)
@lollypopcorn (she is kind and is great)
@KoalaKrazy (he is funny and cool)
@FoodDelivery (he is nice and love his projects)
@Maltese (she is so sweet and a kind friend)
@Pink_Roses (she is such a nice friend)
@everyone!! IS A GREAT FRIEND (not the profile)(because i love everyone the same on this wonderful forum!)
(I love everyone There is no one on this forum i dont like)


Thank you!! :3


Your welcome!!


@TACOCODE - An AMAZING friend in general
Everyone in team TACOCODE - you guys have made my day countless times
@Paige1212 - Really nice and friendly​:grinning:
@Lisa1045 - one of my first friends
@KVJ - how do I even explain him?!?! His AWSOME level is to high
@MagmaPOP - he only replied to me once but he's still my Senpai!
@diss_track_queen - I'm only adding her cause I know her in real life
I'll add more soon!


Awww thx so much @ValueGamesStudio


No problem!


Thnx but....srsly just because we go to the same school


Dude your desk is like to the left of my desk...


Can you do roblox right now?


Uhh maybe let me ask my mom


My senpai of all senpais is @sophia71205. She always talks with me at my general topic, she is really nice, she is a Harry Potter nerd, and a good coder.


my senpais

  1. @SmileyAlyssa: beacuse she super cool nice and inspiring
  2. @Paige1212 for making this topic and being one of my closest forum friends
  3. @KVJ for being #1 nicest forumer ever and giving AMAZING advice
  4. @ValueGamesStudio because he showed me the forum Andy for friending me on roblox

These are my senpais who's yours ???


*and for


Awwwww thx so much!!!




I thought you were on roblox




How did u add "this user is suspended until mar 29 for not postinvite enough memes