Senpai Be Needing a coding partner!



I have a brilliant partner @TheGreenBanana however because of the time difference and she is half we can't code together that much.
Even though I will keep working with her I still want to have a person that I can trust and is willing to code with me i do not mind anyone just tell me your HS username and why u wanna be my coding partner.
Oh don't forget ur timezone


Where in the world r u from? :stuck_out_tongue:


As. In wat


I say I am Japanese but I live in Europe!
It's 21:28 now


Timezone? Lolololol ???


Oh, it is 5:28am for me... Soz, bye then


@DA-BEASTY u wanna be my coding partner ?


Well it is a big time difference



a person who actually uses 24 hour time

i have legit never met anyone who uses 24 hour time


Ikr it is hard todo, she must be a brainiac


I don't think i's really that hard, it's just hard for us because we didn't learn in 24 hour time.


I learnt it, I just cbb


Well even though the time difference we can still work together


@DA-BEASTY @starrydream


Hoi fren!