Senny's Inactivity Topic! INACTIVITY ALERT: April 3-9



Hi! you can see from the title, this is gonna be my inactivity topic. Whenever I'm on vacation, camping, or if I'm without WiFi for a long time, I'll post here!

So, I'm going to be at Girl Scout camp from the 14th to around noon on the 16th! I won't have my iPad, so I won't be on!

See ya around!

(This is in Collabs so I can post tags, in case you're wondering.)


Good idea, mate.


Have fun in Girl Scouts!


Ok. Have fun at your camp.


Cool.:grinning: I think that everyone on the forum should have a topic like this instead of just opening up a inactivity topic every few weeks.


So...on Monday, I'll be going on spring break. Because I won't be bringing my iPad, I will be on less. However, I'll be on sometimes, because my mom will let me use her phone at times.

Just a heads up! Also, I'll be back Sunday afternoon.

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