Senny's Anniversary Event! (March 2-5, actual anniversary on March 4)

Hello Hopscotchers!

The time is drawing near, the time when you celebrate something amazing on here, the time when you get a slice of cake next to your name...

Senny just get on with it


Yes, my friends, I am talking about my forum anniversary!

So much has happened since I joined the forum almost one year ago. Friends have been made, innovative projects have been created, and amazing Hops such as Maltese and KVJ have joined the forum (their anniversaries are coming up reeeeaaaally soon too, by the way).

but Senny the forum isn't all of that all the time

Ok, yes, I'll be the first to say that the forums have definitely has their ups and downs. Yes, major flame wars have broken out here before. People aren't always the kindest here 24/7. And we definitely aren't always on-topic. (Not trying to point anyone out here)

when is this "anniversary event" taking place, anyway?

This will take place...

March 2—5

My actual anniversary is on March 4, and my official cakeday is March 5!

• Don't be inappropriate
• Don't be rude to others
• If you're the one who gets this closed, if it does, you will be banned from using the next topic (IN OTHER WORDS, DON'T GET THIS CLOSED)

So...let's get this party started!





CONGRATS! :3 I haven't even been on a year... not even a month!


Congratulations on a year! :D

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Cool! I had my cake day year thingy in December.


Happy anniversary to you!
Happy anniversary to you!
Happy anniversary to @Sensei_Coder!
Happy anniversary to you!

Wait... uh, sorry, wrong song.

Anyways, congratulations, Senny! Happy one year anniversary! You are now officially a forum... veteran! (is that the right word even? idk).. :)

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I have a cake next to my name now

Today is my official anniversary!!! :D
Around 8:30 tonight is the time when I joined.

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Congratulations to your anniversary!

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Happy Anniversary @Sensei_Coder!!

Hope it's a great one fren. We don't really talk that often, but it's okay. Congrats! :gift::gift::balloon::balloon::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::tada:

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