Send User Variable block

A feature I’d like to see in Hopscotch is:

A block that lets you set a user variable for another user within the same project.

I’d use it for this type of project:

Email in Hopscotch or message app.

Here is an example design I’ve made:

send [:bust_in_silhouette: variable] to user: [GravyStudiosNExT :zap:]


So sort of like variables stored on the cloud (Cloud Variables on Scratch), except you send the value / text to the another viewer?

That would be really cool…


This is a yikes, but would be useful for leaderboards and stuff



Perhaps an update leaderboards button, where you send the variable and depending in the data it adds the time or smth

This, paired with lists would be awesome and make some epic leaderboards.


What if it was only available for numbers? Like strings wouldn’t work making things like “emails” harder, or maybe you could send it to everyone on your wifi network? This would make sure theirs no “CoF/A”


hacker on weefee network be like


If it was only numbers you could just run code too assign letters to numbers so you decode the phrase into a string of numbers then just update that decode the number into the phrase again

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This would be very hard to moderate, but if everything except text was allowed (like @FRENCH_WAVE123 mentioned), it could be possible as long as people don’t come up with some kind of secret message system for converting numbers to text.

Maybe an approval system for all projects including this block? Although it would be vary hard for THT to look through all of them…

A great idea - which has some quirks that has to be worked out, but is overall super interesting!

2-player multiplayer :thinking:


I can see lots of Pi and CoF in this idea, but since most chatters would not know how to use it if they make it complicated, then I don’t see how this will be abused a lot


What if it was only for last touch x and y? Like that’s all you could share? No custom variables?

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That would make it even harder to use it for multiplayer.

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Exactly, and nearly impossible for messaging systems

Uh oh, this would be a bad idea or a good idea…
Good Side is that you can make notifications!
Bad Side is that maybe your email inbox would be flooded with spam…
(Even it could break the community guidelines?)

This is a great idea, but unless moderated closely could lead to the exposure of PI. If the the kinks could be fixed, it would be great to see this implemented.

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Ooh smart
Maybe make it numbers only, to prevent chatting (and every project gets moderated at first, like projects with images, so base 10 converters will be blocked)

I strongly disagree,

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Why exactly?

@The_Electogenius! This is why.

Oh I see
But as I said before, maybe make it numbers only, and every project will be moderated before being published


That would be very hard for the Hopscotch Team to do. Also since they added strings, they can’t really add a feature that doesn’t use strings

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