Send us a screen recording of your coding session!

Hey Hopscotchers,

We’re looking for people to send us screen recordings of your coding session, anywhere from 10-30 minutes. The purpose of this is for us to better understand your coding patterns and habits. We want to know what you do when you code, and this would help us to develop better features in Hopscotch.

Option 1: Video recording

  • The video should be 15-30 minutes long ideally. The minimum should be 10 minutes long.
  • Email to directly. You can email me a link to Dropbox, google drive or any other platform, or you can also attach the video to the email directly.
  • Please include your Hopscotch or forum username in the email
  • (For people who struggle to come up with a subject title, you can just use your Hopscotch username or “coding session recording” as the subject for your email)

Option 2: Sign up for a coding session with Yuanyuan

  • Sign up for a time that works for you here
  • You do not need to show your face or talk during the session. All that I would need you to do is to share your screen while I watch you code for 10-30 minutes.
  • I won’t ask you questions unless you want to talk to me afterward!

What should you be doing?

  • You can code a project from scratch
  • You can update an existing project
  • You can keep working on a project that you have already started
  • You can code along a tutorial we have in the Learn tab
  • You can add code to someone else’s project to add your twist to their project
  • You can work on multiple projects during this coding session, this means you can switch between drafts

The video does not need to be of a project that works, you can be exploring or trying to fix a bug in your code. If you are stuck while coding, it’s okay to have pauses or a period of time where you think and do not actually code in the editor, please do not edit those parts out. We will not share your code with anyone else - this is just for us to understand your coding process.

What we’re not looking for

  • We’re not looking for a recording of you playing a game in Hopscotch

Because the size of the videos would be very large, please do not upload the videos to the forum directly. Email me please(!!!

Thanks a lot!



cool, i might participate in this!


Is there a certain time frame this needs to be done by? I will do it later

Also, can we swipe over to a browser to get inspired if we don’t share pi


Not a specific time frame, but in the next week or so would be nice!

I also want to note that you do not need to be coding something special, it can just be whenever you code in Hopscotch. I also don’t need to see the end of your coding. This means that I don’t really care if by the end of the recording whether your project plays or not.


I’ll do this! Wonder what I’ll work on???


what about if we’re talking a long break? usually when i’m stuck i turn off my ipad and go draw paperwork/calculations until i figure out how to code - usually takes longer than 30 minutes so i think it’s better to cut that off


I think it’s best you figure that all out before you start coding.


you can probably just splice out the pause by editing the video (and specify that you took a break at that time)


I might participate… (I’ll be doing option1)

I’ll need to think of something to code. Even if it’s just something random, I try to figure things out before starting to code.

What if our videos end up being too large to send via email?

I have no other methods (I don’t have Dropbox nor Google Drive) I can try except uploading it to my channel.


catbox maybe?
dropbox is free and i recommend you that app/website (works for both iirc)


YouTube unlisted

Will probably be too big; I’d use one of these temporary file sending instances if YT doesn’t work


I went a little overboard. I didn’t keep track of the time and wound up making the video 32 minutes long.


no worries mine is 46 minutes long lol
time flies


Sound like the amount of time it takes for me to add a new feature in a project.


that sounds very familiar to me :eyes:


Right now I’m playing a little waiting game…


Just sent the video link via email.

Quality in video got messed up during the upload process. It’s stuck on 360p (which is way too low to see the text)


Cool, who joining the this?


Nice, one slight issue

My ipad doesn’t have enough space to store a recording


for anyone else’s video that’s too large, you can also split it down to smaller videos and send them to me in chunks!

Uploading to google drive works pretty well for me for big videos, and then you can just share the video link with me via email

If all options run out - send me the biggest file you are able, even if the time is shorter. I would much rather have seen something than nothing. Thanks a lot!!!