Self not working?



Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: Valgo​:zap::zap::zap:

What kind of device are you using?: I forget :stuck_out_tongue:

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I was trying to use self, and I noticed it wasn't working as expected... All objects seem to have the same self variable, even if they're not supposed to.

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Have several clones
2. Set a self variable for one of the clones
You will notice that all the other clones' self variables get changed too.

I expected this to happen: for the clones to be able to have different self variables.

But instead this happened: they stayed the same.

Here’s a sweet screenshot: not necessary

New Hopscotch Beta (5/19/17)

Ok... That's weird...


I don't know. Can you give a screenshot of it?


I got the same thing in the beta.
Gonna check the regular app.

This is a bug with the beta.


Is it a bug with the new beta version?


I'm guessing that it is...


Yes. It might be the old one too. Idk. It's not in the current app.


Nice report :smiley: I tested an example after reading and yep when the Self variable of one clone is set, the Self variables of the other clones change too

(Click on images for bigger picture)

Clones immediately use the first value that their Self variable was set to:

Clones constantly use the most recent value of their Self variable:

  • Expected: each clone should still have a unique value for their Self ID variable since we haven't set it to anything new

  • Actual: all of the clones seem to be changing their Self ID variable whenever Self ID is set to a new value anywhere