Self Esteem on the Forum



So I notice as I'm scrolling through topics that there are heaps of people saying things like:
"Sorry for the self nomination"
"Sorry for requesting this"
" I'm not very good at that"

Have confidence! Don't be afraid of being judged as self absorbed just because you think that your project is awesome. Or asking for help when really that's what the forum is for.

What I'm saying is don't apologise for being your own, awesome self. Don't fear judgement (while keeping in mind the feelings and opinions of others)! You deserve to enjoy being on hopscotch and the forum. Remember that we're all in this together!:+1::grinning:

Paw'll Of Fame info and requirements

Yes you should have confidence ! I agree but I do not have as much confidence in myself !


Yes I feel this an important issue, especially with girls!:point_up:


Nice Topic!

And congrats for the Feature!


Well done for your feature ! I am a girl who does not have a lot of confidence even though lots of people say I can do most things, I just have to believe in myself ! But how?


I just try to avoid comparing myself to other people's standards. It's important to just be yourself. If you do that you will probably feel as if there are less expectations that are asked of you by others.

I'm sorry if this sounds a bit strange, I'll try and think of some better ways to say this. Anyway good luck!:+1:


Ok, so the main reason that people do these things is because they feel as if no one would appreciate their things and they're just expecting the worst. This causes the drop in self-esteem. Yes, I agree that you can't have too little self-esteem, but sometimes you can't be the arrogant kind of person.


Yes, everyone still needs to consider and respect the feelings of others


Just take a moment to look back on all the amazing things you have done.
It doesn't matter if someone can do more things or do things better. Don't compare yourself to others, just be happy with yourself!
Because you amazing! @Silverdolphin :D


I completely agree!! :D

I'm a girl literally BURSTING with self esteem, but I don't know if I come across like that on the forum.

I think I should! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD



Yup I've done nothing jk XD


Really ! Thanks ! I am not that amazing though ! You are all so much better than me !


People are always like, "you are so weird" or "you are crazy" I agree! I'm weird! I like that! But I don't have self esteem very much... I don't like singing in front of people because I think I'm terrible. I don't think I'm pretty, or smart.



I and others aren't better than you! @Silverdolphin!

Well guess what @GracefulIcing1, you are pretty, smart, amazing at singing, and everything! :D
Crazy, weird, those are compliments! (At least take them as compliments, or compliment the person back XD)
I'm crazy and weird too :D
So are the people that call you those!
It's normal not be be normal! Be you!


Really? Thank you sooo much !


No problem! It's all true! :D


Not really , @smishsmash !


Yes. It's true!
XD @Silverdolphin pls believe me because it's true XD


Fine ! I will give in @smishsmash ! :blush: