Selecting Multiple images in set image block crashing Hopscotch

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Your username: ElijahPw

What kind of device are you using?: (Also include iOS version, and Hopscotch version)
Ipad pro (11 Inch) ios 15.5, hs Version 3.52.0
1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing adding a custom images, and then Hopscotch Crashing happened):

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Open a project
  2. add a set image Block
  3. Select more than 1 image
  4. Hopscotch will Crash

I expected this to happen: Add custom images with no problem

But instead this happened: Hopscotch crashed

Here’s a sweet screenshot: I will try to record a video of this issue tomorrow, since it is kind of late where I am right now, and I need to prepare some things so I don’t leak PI in that video.


Were you attempting to add multiple images from your camera roll at a time? I think another user had a problem like this.

Are you able to add the images one by one? This is what I usually do when using custom imagery.


me :+1: we talked about that in ytaco the other day
very inconsistent and consistent bug, it always crashes if i select a precise amont of pictures but it never crashes when i select less
so i didnt think creating a bug report would be worthy

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I can add images 1 at a time and Hopscotch wont crash, and I was using it directly from camera roll and not from files.

That’s kinda of strange, as for me it seems to crash when ever I select more than 1 image. But not after a certain amount.

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What is the number?


i forgot :sweat_smile: more than 100
i had also more than 100 pictures already in my editor the other day


Here’s the video of the crashing occuring

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