Seed Prizes for Winning Official THT Competitions

So, there’s been a dilemma with seeds for quite some time. Lots of people are in need of seeds, but either can’t or don’t want to pay for them. Well, I think I have a solution that would have very few loopholes.

Big Idea: When you win an official Hopscotch competition, you earn seeds.

Why this is needed: There’s obviously a seed problem, which I talked about already. And if you’ve ever been the person who has earned a spot in the Top 3, I bet you’ve wished for a prize for all the hard work you put into the project. Besides the sense of accomplishment, of course. And plus, a prize can get more people to participate

How this would work:

For those who didn’t win

Those who didn’t win wouldn’t earn any seeds. But, I feel like they should at least get a thank you for participating. Maybe in a notification or something.

For the Finalists

Okay, so I’m not entirely sure all finalists (that didn’t place in the top 3) would get seeds, but I had to add this in here just in case. If the finalist prize were implemented, I’d say the prize should be the cost of one mushroom. In other words, five seeds.

For the Top 3

3rd place: 10 seeds
2nd place: 20 seeds
1st place: 30 seeds

What do YOU think?

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Thank you for reading until the very end and for voting in the poll. Please reply with any feedback/suggestions you may have for this idea. Have a nice day!



awesome idea - merging with a similiar older topic!
Seeds as a prize for official in app comps (hhc, hcc, plants2020 etc)