Seed block popup while not in a project

1 sentence description of the problem:
You see a seed block popup while you aren’t even in a project!

Steps to reproduce the problem every time:

  1. Go into a project that uses the seed block
  2. Let the seed block popup show
  3. Open a link that leads to a Hopscotch project without exiting the project with the seed block
  4. You still see the seed block popup while you aren’t in the old project, but at the project card of the project you were linked at

I expected this to happen:
No seed block popup
But instead this happened:
A seed block popup

Your username:
Penguin Pi
Device type, iOS version:
Device: iPad12,1
IOS Version: 16.3.1
Hopscotch version & player version:
App Version: 3.65.0
Player Version: 2.2.3


Finally, a new way to promote your items and scam people’s seeds /jk

Weird bug… I think this has to do with the pop-up not being in the project but rather in the foreground and therefore oblivious to its background

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Anyone else encountered this bug?

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