See ya then guyz CANCELLED


That's ok I'll keep checking on here​:yum::kissing_heart: and leave my account open as proof of my existence


Ok, good! Thank you so much!


No it's not lol I'm a girl as u can see I'm called jessica lol but anyway I know what u mean boys can be called jess


That's ok C:
But no matter how long you have had each others hangouts it's still not allowed ):


wjatever just please stopover asked I'm always getting flagged no offence cause others interfere but thanks


I'm sorry but it's the rules :wink:


YeH but if u keep talking about it I'm gonna get in trouble so would u please delete ur comments that mention the word hangouts


That's I bit offending to boys. :slight_smile:


No. Boys can be called Jess seriously anyway lgbot :hugging:


Definitely leaving the forum I told u I was right someone went and flagged me how kind I hate the forums my defo leaving why can't people be nice if only 12 for goodness sake


How? It seems fine to me.


I think he just misunderstood don't worry I'm leavin.g anyway


Thank you for the potatoes! ;u;

Pls don't leave :(

I'll miss u ;-;



Plz don't
U r awesome
Just don't worry about that incident anymore.
Those who said u were copying other ppl's drawings shall never eat potatoes again
U r an awesome artist ;-;
OMG she's leaving sbd stop her


Bye, nobody was being mean to you, but bye anyways!
Have fun in life!


She said "you mean boys".


I'll rephrase that, she meant, that you mean as in you meant... She wasn't saying you mean as in boys are mean... I'll quote it with better punctuation and I'll put what I added in bold. (no offence to @Jess888)

"No it's not offensive at all! L ol . I'm a girl . As you can see , I'm called Jessica . L ol . Anyway , I see what you mean , boys can also be called Jess.


Okay, thanks!


No worries, I don't want her final post to seem like a mean one :grin:


On my way! Gonna stay if peeps can stop gracefulling not tagging her cuz she might explode lol to stop being mean as it's really not nice and yeah