See ya then guyz CANCELLED


Ok this is kinda like a will ready I'm leavin.g the forum please read what I have to say below this,

Dear hoppers,
I'm leavin.g the forum as I'm still upset from an incident where peeps were mean to me and I just feel like there's no pint staying so when I leave I leave my German class to the following...
BOSS- candycane
Second boss- KVJ
I leave my potatoes to @Rainboom
And any other things I own on here to @ColourfulBlack


What? Nuuu plz don't leave ;-;

I will miss you so much ;-;


Don't leave!

Even though I respect your decision, I wish you didn't leave. :frowning:


Nuuuu Gud bye fren why must you leaveeeeeeeeeeee ;~;


Girl or boy and yeah I'm sure I'm leavin.g but thanks to both of u for being great


Uh, hangouts is banned...


Why! Noooooo! Ok, bye T-T


Boy. I use way more exclamation marks. XD


Some people were mean to me on here


Wow. You don't have to say who but much wow


Lol yeah I just realised no offence but I feel like out of the two of u I'm more ur friend lol


You're leaving?

Well, here is some free cookies:



No u already hav my hangouts?


I noticed that too!

I also use more emojis. :open_mouth:


Mean peeps and p.s. Did u ever finish my unicorn pixel art I didn't look


Even if you have a hangout together it's still banned and any post asking someone to get on hangouts (sharing an email) it can be flagged.
You can read this for more same rules go for docs and hangouts


It's almost done, sorry, it's taking a lot longer than expected, can you please stay, so that I can finish it while you are here?


I'm so sorry for not finishing it yet T-T


Oh I didn't know but we hav had each other's for like almost 6 months I swear lol anyways please don't talk about this otherwise I'll just get flagged for the hundredth time


One last thing:

Are you a boy or a girl?

Sorry if it's a weird question. XD