See who is following you! #idea



I think this is a good idea as you can see who's following you! You could see if specific people were following you!

Should people see how many people followers you have

Make sure a topic that you want to create hasn't been made before, search it. Press the magnifying, then search it. But the idea would be amazing!


Oh yep! Sorry.. Yes it's cool!


Actually, isn't that in the lightning icon on your Hopscotch app? It would say, _________ followed you!.
It has a blue small dot on the lightning icon when there's something new like when you got a like on a project or a follow or remix!


Well, in this version if you go into a person's account page, if they are following you it will say "Follows you!" under their avatar.


Yes but it doesn't show correctly it only shows the followers AFTER the update


Yes! But I would go into every single account! I would like to see the whole


I think a button that says how many followers you have and when you tap it it comes up with a list of whos following you