Secret Unrea.d tab!


Sorry about the period in the title, the title would go blank if it wasn't there.

Anyway, hi guys (and girls)! I never really use Mobile View on the forum, but I thought I'd show you this little forum trick.

I was just going into mobile view to try to fix a bug that kept me from viewing a particular topic (it didn't work) when I saw this:

When I tap it, it brings me to a tab called Unread. This tab only seems to contain topics which I'm tracking and contain posts that I haven't read.

The strange thing is, when I switch back to Desktop View, it seems to think I'm in no tab, although it still seems to be in the Unread tab. Here's a picture of it in Desktop View:

Has anyone else experienced this?

Also, I know there's an Unread tab on the Discourse forum (, but I thought Liza had removed this feature.


This topic is acting weird...

But yeah. It only has that magical thing in mobile view.


Yeah, it's in mobile view.

And this topic is going wacko on me.


This topic is broken...I've only seen this once before..

@Kiwicute2016, why is this topic being difficult?:P


This topic is acting strange.... There's no title! :0


Ikr! But I know a trick to get in

not saying it ^_^


Wow... this is weird. I had to get in by inspecting element and copying the link...



If you get in, don't tell anyone else yet! :D


You can get in by tapping the number of replies in the Latest tab then tapping the up or down button.

The time isn't even showing...


Posting this on discourse meta, brb.


I got in by switching to mobile view. Then the topic actually had a name and was called "Secret Unread Tab"!


Yeah, it shows that when I try to edit the title.


Why is this blank I figured out how to get in but,..

Yeah all my notifications here are blank


Because glitches...


I can't click on it, either! O_O


Ok I'm in!


I can't get in it ;-;


Someone renamed it, and it worked! Let's change it back and see what happens!


Oh wait I'm in it :joy: Dunno what I just did though


I changed it. It's not happening anymore :0