Secret Signs...t e m m i e p l a n e t



Today, I will start spam liking people, and probably like 60 posts, so I will have 0 likes to give most of the time.

And If I do spam like you, that's a sign. It means you will be in my next shoutout in my projects. I trying to spread positivity by doing this (lol take infinite). I will say compliments about you and include special stuff.

I hope other people do this. Not only because it's kind and fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , but it makes people feel apprieciated!

Lalalalalalalalalaaaa bob was here :D

Anyways, this topic is FTU! This is just a notice from a really derpy potatoe or cat.

From, Katri with Swag/Temmie


Imma spam laik u! BRB i probably won't have likes after this x3



that auto correct tho it made me retype it like 4 times


search me in the drawing topics, it's the easiest place to find meh.


Well, I'm done x3


K cool




Awesome! This is a super cool way to indicate this, great idea! :smile:


Hehe @Dude73 look at ur took so long since I have a laggy iPad (iPad 2) phew!
Oh I made this pineapple pen! Imma add da shoutout to it which you probably will know since I just spam liked Dude73...

Any suggestions before I publish? I know it looks weird...


I think it looks cool!


I guess I will publish.